"Olive" is a new, elegant and up-to-date building in Riga, in J.Asara Street 9, near the Grizinkalns park. Like the olive fruit, the building offers for its inhabitants the taste of the life of the high quality, which distinguishes this building from other similar constructions.

The healthy atmosphere and colors of the olives begin from the building facade, which correspond with the park aura, which is dominant in the surroundings. The freshness and the lightness of the olives are being felt in each room of the building, where everything is subordinated to the conveniences of the forthcoming owners. Staying in the building, the feeling emerges, that the preparation process has been being especially qualitative, and the ready fruit is being offered for the faultless enjoyment of the taste of the life.
© Olive 2008, J. Asara Street 9, Riga. The Purchasing of the Apartments, Commercial Premises:  +371 20042021 or +371 29109679, olive@olive.lv