Opinions of "Olive" residents

"We have chosen residential house "Olive" as our home, because we were really surprised with the quality of interior decoration – it is tangible everywhere! It was a pleasure to get first utility bill – heating tariffs are quite low, and despite there are really big windows in the apartment, it is very warm there and house management fees are also "friendly". The residential house "Olive" is located not far from the city centre, there is necessary public transport within minutes of walking distance, and there never were any problem with car parking near the house. We really feel homey here! And what is the most pleasant thing – there is just amazing panoramic view of towers of Riga Old Town from the window in the evening time…"

Ija, apartment Nr.41

"One of the reasons, why this newly erected residential house project "Olive" has attracted our attention, is very attractive home page on the Internet, where it was possible to look at the photos and layouts of apartments, as well as surroundings. "Olive" is located on the border of Riga city centre, what is one of the most important advantages for the person, who lives in 21st century and who wants to have everything useful and good within his arm’s reach.
When we first time went to have a look at our new potential place of residence, we were pleasantly surprised – the house is very beautiful, nice warm colours, big windows and, of course, warm welcome!
Our flat is on the sunny side, what evokes this special sensation of homeliness! It should be mentioned that safety sensation is being evoked by the presence of security, the house is separated from other surrounding buildings, what makes it possible to feel safe on the territory of "Olive".
We have chosen "Olive" as our home, as this place really could be named by the single word – Home. Home is the place, where we wish to come back, as there is no other place where we feel as good as at home!"

Catherine and Zanda, apartment Nr.25

"High quality, neat, newly erected residential house. Good layouts, beautiful panoramic view of Riga city, nearness of Grizinkalns, balanced expenses, easy to reach by car or public transport. Optical internet."

Janis, apartment Nr.48

"I was seeking for a modern place for the appropriate cost – it was the main idea. I like living here. I will tell more, when I live here for a bit longer time!"

Girts, apartment Nr.44